Toward the Sun

Our Story

Our Story

We believe that everyone is on their own unique journey. We exist to inspire and equip people to live their own version of their best life everyday, with a sense of wonder and adventure.

To us, this means making good intentional choices for ourselves and toward others, always looking towards the positive spaces in life, and constantly being open to the possibilities of a new day.

Our mission is to offer everyday pieces for everyday life that are thoughtfully designed in function and aesthetic to better and brighten lives everywhere, and in so doing, to open eyes to the light a new day could bring.

Life’s a journey and one that is never perfect - not us, not our customers, not our team - but we do our best to give our best everyday. If you like what you see, drop us a note to say hi! We’d love to hear your feedback, what you’d love to see, what we are doing well, how we can improve for you.

Our Journey
Our Journey

We started off back in 2013 designing stationery pieces for the modern individual, to combine both positive sentiments and design into everyday desk essentials.


As our customers grew with us, the demand for more everyday pieces created with the same aesthetic and heart led us to develop into a full lifestyle brand offering a range of everyday offerings for everyday life to wear, carry, gift and more.


While our range of products evolve and grow, the heart of the brand has always remained the same - to inspire wonder, light and appreciation of life with every encounter with the brand and the pieces we offer, through a holistic integration of form and function, good design and positive sentiments.

Toward Sustainability

Our Sustainability

Let’s face it - we’re not perfect, and no one is. That said, we believe in taking baby steps toward a better world, wherever we are in our sustainability journey.